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I started this site in April 2005 with an intention to provide the booming Off-road community with a website that they go to and find information including maps and pictures on where to ride in southern California, my friends and I go out about 2 times a month on average to various places from the Imperial Sand Dunes of Glamis to Gorman and Hungry Valley and everything in between, if you have any suggestions comments, gripes unless its spelling correction errors, feel free to contact me and let me know.

Layouts and Repetition: Here's a little on why some pages look so plain, simple and dumbed up and a lot of information is repeated, and why its not all flashy and pretty, I have played with flash and it looks nice, but horrible for search engine recognition  So simply,  it works better this way with search engine spiders and web crawlers, to be found in search engines, back in April 05 I was got like 1 or 2 hits from search engines, now I get thousands of hits a month from search engines searching for keywords like Glamis, Glamis sand dunes, ocotillo wells, imperial sand dunes, Kawasaki Mojave, etc etc, see stats from one year below, from, not to mention the new site which is now getting close to the same amount of traffic.

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